Arts and Culture Specialist

Community-led programming


I’ve recently had the opportunity to join the Yarrawonga/Mulwala Creative Hub and Across The Arts committee. Yarrawonga/Mulwala Creative Hub is one of four Creative Hubs located in the largest towns in the Moira Shire, and they are funded by the shire to deliver a program of creative events, workshops and opportunities for the local community.

I am absolutely blown away by the dedication, professionalism and work ethic of this group of local volunteers. Some incredibly skilled people have come together to dedicate their time to providing high quality arts programming that meets and responds to local needs. While there are many positives to this model, including real and deep roots in the community, in an ideal world it would be lovely to see extra funding to properly reimburse members of the committee who are going above and beyond what I believe should be expected of volunteers.

I’m excited to bring my skills and experience to the committee and to continue to learn more about delivering creative programming in a regional setting.