Arts and Culture Specialist
Image description – a landscape photograph of Mulwala lake in Yarrawonga with green grass in the foreground and Gum trees by the lake. The water and the sky are clear blue.

Project Development and Grant Writing

Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to bring to life? I can help you to shape your project, develop audience engagement and project plans, research and identify funding opportunities and write your grant application.

If you’d like to write your application yourself I also offer a one-off low-cost option where I can read and provide notes, advice and suggestions on a draft funding application find out more below.

Image description – a photo of a grey wall of an apartment building which fills the photo. Five balconies are shown in a vertical line down the photo, each balcony has a different coloured panel: yellow, green, red, blue and yellow.

Project Management / Creative Producing

Do you need some extra support to deliver your creative project? I can provide project management and producing support including:

  • Shaping your project and developing a comprehensive project plan, timeline and audience engagement strategy
  • Developing/managing relationships with collaborators, stakeholders and funding bodies
  • Consulting/engaging audiences and communities
  • Managing grant administration including: writing project update reports, monitoring budgets, writing acquittals and more
  • Developing and delivering a meaningful and useable project evaluation.
Image description – a photo of the exterior of a building with columns leaning inwards creating a brick triangular prism with light coming through between the columns. At the end of the prism a man with a qhite shirt and shorts is shown leaping through the air towards the building.

No job too small!

Sometimes all you need is an extra pair of eyes or a fresh perspective. If you’re just looking for some one-off advice, feedback or proof-reading then I can offer the following for a one-off fee:

  • Read through of a draft grant application, including: proof-reading and grammar check, and 1-2 pages of written notes on content, structure and expression.
    • $75-$150 depending on the size and scope of the application
  • Project plan development including: read through of existing project documentation, a 1 hour zoom (or preferred medium) consultation, 1-2 pages of written notes, draft structure for your project plan.
    • $150-$200 depending on the size and scope of your project
  • Read through of other project documentation including project plans and audience development plans, including: proof reading, sense check, suggestions regarding structure and layout and 1-2 pages of written notes:
    • $75-$100 per document depending on size and scope.

If this one-off work is the type of thing you are after then please complete this form. I will reply with a final quote and confirmation of availability and timeframes.